Anna Baranowski / Bildende Künstlerin / Filmemacherin

Anna Baranowski was born in Bytom, Poland in 1983. Today she lives secluded in a small village surrounded by the forests of East Germany and works on her art.
In 2012, she received her diploma in media art with distinction from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. After her studies, she took part in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad, such as the Berlin Biennale „Forget Fear“ in 2012. She has received grants, such as the Stiftung Kunstfonds working scholarship in 2018, and in recent years has been invited to various artist residencies, such as the Greater Columbus Arts Council in Columbus, USA, to develop new artistic works. Anna Baranowski looks at historical legacies in contemporary everyday life and reflects on collective psychological phenomena of human behaviour. In the field of experimental and documentary film, she focuses on direct cinema. She always uses documentary material in her works. In addition to her own cinematic images, composed in detail, the use of archival material is a central element of her experimental films. In doing so, she uses a wide variety of sources, such as amateur recordings, NASA or military footage. By taking them out of their original context, her works release new meanings. With documentary images that depict the real world, Anna Baranowski tells fictitious stories that are
irritating and contrary to obvious expectations, which is precisely why they have an inner meaning and for this very reason trigger processes - the viewer is thrown back on himself and is confronted with his own feelings.



2012   Diploma Fine Arts / exam passed with distinction
2005 - 2012   Studies of Media Art at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in the Class for Mass Media Research and Art in Public Media Space (Prof. Günther Selichar)

scholarships / nominations / awards

2021 Scholarship by the Arts Council of the Free State of Thuringia
2021 Nominated for NEW POSITIONS, sponsorship programme for solo presentations by young emerging artists at the ART COLOGNE. Supported by the BVDG (Bundesverband Deutscher Galelerien und Kunsthändler), the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the ART COLOGNE fair itself. Anna Baranowski will be part of the showcase of Gallery EIGEN + ART Berlin/Leipzig
2020 Artist in Residence at the Off Season Residency in Vlora, Albania (Goethe-Institut Bukarest, AFCN - Administration of the National Cultural Fund Romania, Goethe-Zentrum Tirana)
2018 Scholarship by the Bonn Art Foundation (Stiftung Kunstfonds)
2018 Artist in Residence at the Greater Columbus Arts Council in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Scholarship by the Arts Council of the Free State of Saxony

2018 Nominated for the 3rd PORTRAITS - Hellerau Photography Award
2016 Sponsorship by the Ministry of Justice, Cultural and European Affairs Schleswig-Holstein / production of the project „relics“
2016 Nominated for the 6th International Marianne Brandt Award
2016 Artist in Residence at Otte 1 – the Schleswig-Holstein Artists Residency in Eckernförde, Germany
2015 Sponsorship of the production of the artist´s monograph by the Arts Council of the Free State of Saxony
2014 Scholarship by the Arts Council of the Free State of Saxony
2008 Received the first prize of the study award of the Academy`s Association


2018 Collection of the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg
2013 Collection of the Kunstfonds (Art Fund) of the Free State of Saxony




17.-21. Novembre 2021

Anna Baranowski wird in der Förderkoje der Galerie Eigen + Art  11.2 A1  vertreten 

Since 1980 the sponsorship programme of "NEW POSITIONS" at ART COLOGNE provides young artists with the possibility to present their works in a 25 square metre area attached to the stands of their galleries. Financial support is provided by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Bundesverband Deutscher Galerien und Kunsthändler (German association of galleries and art dealers) and the Koelnmesse.

For ART COLOGNE 2021 (17-21 November), a jury of experts composed of Aneta Rostkowska, Director Temporary Gallery, Cologne, Nikola Dietrich, Director Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne and Dr. Marc Wellmann, Art Director Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin selected following young artistic positions.

The promotional booths are intended to attract the interest of collectors and the specialist public from museums and institutions in a special way. They function like curated solo exhibitions, predominantly comprising several works, groups of works or installations - in all media. The spectrum of works ranges from site-specific installations and interactions to politically ambitious artistic statements and theoretical explorations of artistic means of visualisation.
The design of a funding bunk is a considerable achievement: the concept requires the artists to realise a tradable form of their individual artistic position, their current artistic work, and to present it in such a way that it stands up to the critical eyes of the public. The fact that the nominees have managed to maintain this tension over two years and to continue to work continuously must be recognised and appreciated. Beyond the protected spheres of public scholarship programmes, the funding booths at ART COLOGNE are an instrument to give the latest artistic positions space in the reality of the art market and to enable an entry into this market.



Off Season
17. – 27.11.2021

Goethe-Institut București / Pavilion 32Calea Dorobanți nr. 32


Visiting hours:
Wednesday, 17 November, 5 - 9 p.m.
18 - 27 November:
M-F, 16:00 - 20:00
S, 11:00-17:00
S, closed

Drawing on the metaphor of an imaginary travel agency, Off Season Tourism Agency critically uses the language of tourism to produce and present new contemporary artworks inspired by its dichotomous nature.
Off Season is a residency that invites contemporary artists to live and work by the sea, in areas that are usually considered one-dimensional tourist destinations. We invite artists to rethink tourist phenomena and create works that question the narratives that dominate the coast as the Albanian coast develops and becomes more attractive to international tourism.
The pilot edition of the research project took place in Radhima, Vlora, during the low season in October 2020, against the backdrop of a multitude of changes in the way tourism operates - in the face of travel restrictions, changing visitor flows, but also in the context of a long-term transformation of the Albanian coastal landscape. As investments transform the coast into a space of hospitality, we wondered what local stories and narratives are being passed on to new travellers. How does the past influence the transition of these areas with their complex and layered histories that promise a thriving future in the hospitality industry? How do tourist flows affect the ecology of the land and sea, and the ecology of images? What idealised images of the Albanian coast construct the inviting landscape, what is authentic and what remains undesirable, what becomes the new tourist canon?
A group of five international artists working with different media, from visual art to film and sound, spent three weeks in the small seaside resort of Radhima. The travelling exhibition shows new works created over the course of a year as a result of research conducted in Albania.
Off Season is a project organised by Dan Angelescu, Donika Çina, Bianca Oana, Flaviu Rogojan, Elian Stefa and the partner organisations Galeria e Bregdetit, Asociația Culturală Manekino and Young Actions and Abstractions.

past exhibitions

2021 Tirana / ALB / Bulevard Art and Media Institute / Off Season

2021 Gera / GER / Kulturtage Gera / Lost Shops - video installation in public space

2020 Gera / GER / Neue Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst  /
Anders - Ästhetik der Differenz

2020 Leipzig / GER / HALLE 14 - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst / KUNST(RE_PUBLIC)
Eine Ausstellung in Zeiten der suspendierten Öffentlichkeit
2019 Cologne / GER / Gallery BRUCH & DALLAS / Ideally (solo)
2019 Bukarest / ROM / Anca Poterasu Gallery /  Not everything means something, honey (vol. 2)
2019 Leipzig / GER / Galerie Eigen + Art / Not everything means something, honey
2019 Leipzig / GER / GFZK Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst / TRAKT IV
2018 München / GER / Størpunkt - Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst / MONUMENTAL
2018 Leipzig / GER / MONUMENTA FSTVL LPZG 2018 - Intelligence Of Many
2018 Graz / AU / KUNSTHAUS GRAZ - KULTUM / Glaube Liebe Hoffnung
2018 Dresden / GER / HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum für Zeitgenössiche Kunst / 3. PORTRAITS - Hellerau Photography Award
2018 München / GER / Størpunkt - Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst / LUXURIA
2017 Zagreb / HR / POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth / Corpus Collective
2017 Dresden / GER / Motorenhalle. Projektzentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst -Riesa Efau / OCCUPATION / Videoarbeiten aus dem Kunstfonds/Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
2017  Bordeaux / FR / METAVILLA, Installation urbaine
2016 / 17   Chemnitz / GER / Industriemuseum Chemnitz / 6. Internationaler Marianne Brandt Wettbewerb - Materialeffekte
2016   Gera / GER / Häselburg / WesensArt

2016 Leipzig / GER / Kurzsüchtig - 13. Mitteldeutsches Kurzfilm Festival
2015 Dresden / GER /  Motorenhalle. Projektzentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst -Riesa Efau / Wohin gehen wir?
2015 Leipzig / GER / KTR Galerie / INAUGURATION
2015 Essen / GER / Welterbe Zollverein / Contemporary Art Ruhr - C.A.R. Talente

2015 Berlin / GER / Galerie EIGEN + ART / offen/open

2015 Berlin / GER / Kreuzberg / SMALL SETS OF OPTIMISM FEED US WELL (solo)

2014 Leipzig / GER / Museum der bildenden Künste / Herz, Reiz & Gefühl

2013/14 Berlin / GER / Vertretung des Freistaates Sachsen beim Bund / Ausstellung des Kunstfonds
2013 Leipzig / GER / Baumwollspinnerei - Halle 14 / THE SUPERSHOW

2013 Gera / GER / Kunstverein Gera / Warten auf Gott
2013 Köln / GER / ANALOG Theater / BEING PHILOTAS

2013 Leipzig / GER / Baumwollspinnerei / WIN/WIN - Ankäufe der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen 2013

2013 Bonn / GER / Bundeskunsthalle / 21. Bundeswettbewerb Kunststudentinnen und Kunststudenten stellen aus

2013 Leipzig / GER / Galerie EIGEN + ART / Gruppenausstellung junger internationaler Künstler

2013 Seoul / KOR / Korean Film Archive / Exis Festival - Academy Showcase

2012 Marseille / F / La GAD - Galerie Arnaud Deschin / Luna Park, The Barkeeper´s Daughter

2012 Montreuil / F / Les Rencontres du cinéma documentaire

2012 Kronach  /  GER  /  Festung Rosenberg  /  Festungen innen und aussen

2012 Gera  /  GER  /  Kunstverein Gera  /  Imaginary Landscape - Hommage an John Cage  

2012 Leipzig  /  GER  /  Kuhturm Galerie  /  CHAPITRE V - GANGS OF BRUXELLES

2012 Berlin / GER  / KW Institut für Zeitgenössischen Kunst / 7. Berlin Biennale für Zeitgenössischen Kunst
2012 Erfurt  /  GER  /  Galerie 7b  /  oki.doki- Dokumentarfilmschau

2012 Dresden / GER / Festspielhaus Hellerau / Junge Kunst Sachsen

2011 Leipzig / GER / Galerie A und V / LINDENOW # 7

2011 Szczecin / POL / Galeria VHS / Basic Instincts

2011 Augsburg / GER / Zeughaus Augsburg , Toskanischen Säulenhalle // TOLERABILIS

2011 Frankfurt am Main / GER / Hotel Poerty No. 4

2011 Tokio / J / Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art / Cityscapes

2011 Vilnius / LIT / Kino Pasaka / Editing Spaces. Reconsidering The Public.

2011 Frankfurt am Main / GER / Galerie am Dom / V Kunst Frankfurt 2011 - la vie en général

2011 Wien / AU / Österreichisches Fernsehen  - Okto TV / PAL Positions

2010 Leipzig / GER / Tapetenwerk / Video was my first love (solo)

2010 Halle (Saale) / GER / Galerie Die Schöne Stadt / ATTACK on LINKINGS

2010 Leipzig / GER / Messehof Leipzig + Public Media Space / In public relation

2010 Linz / AU/ Stockwerkegalerie im Power Tower / Kunst im Tower

2009 Dresden / GER / Galerie Doppel.DE / „On (plein) air“

2009 Bonn / GER / Galerie Böttger / Art in Public Space , Videonale Bonn

2008 Leipzig / GER / Galerie der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst / Studienpreis des HGB Freundeskreises

2008 Leipzig / GER / Essential Existence Gallery / OPEN (Fast!)

2008 Copenhagen / DEN / Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts / SUBLIMINAL

2007 Leipzig / GER // Augustusplatz Leipzig // DING_UND_UN_DING / Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum