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cosmic axis

1-channel-HD video loop, 6min / projection 140 x 250cm


The word "obelisk" comes from the Greek meaning "skewer". But the Egyptian name "Têchên" translates to "sky splitter". A solid stone sunbeam reaching to the sky, connecting earth to the gods. The obelisk acts as antenna, receiving cosmic energy and passing it to the earth. This manifestation of divinity in profane objects sits at the core of any religion and even influences modern secular societies. The obelisk symbolises the axis of the world giving orientation within a normally neutral space. We refer the point at which these lines of power intersect on the world’s axis as “The navel of the Earth”; the centre of the world, symbolizing the entrance to the underworld. The minimalistic Videoloop “Cosmic Axis” appears to literally cut through time and space, allowing the viewer to plunge themselves into the egocentric reality of World Power.

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